Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monster-ized Panda~


Last Monday, one of the most crazy thing kinda happened.

Gara2 i kinda need to travel some 720++ odd kilometers to Johore for work purposes.

Nuthing unusual as ive been thru this journey by car numerous times alone anyway.

Along the way, normally a can of watever energy drink and a shell 750ml mineral will be consumed per single trip. This is to Battle those dreaded fatigues n boredomness. Plus whenever i found them, those Wriggles Chewies too. And some *ehem  (read:crazy) speeds to get myself alert.

Yup i agree its dangerous to other users as well but... Getting sleepy doing normal speed in the morning is dangerous as well..

Until, i discover Monster Energy Drink...

The monster brand drinks have been quite world famous especially when they actively promote extreme games. Does a certain Ken Block Gymkhanas infomercial rings a bell ?

Anyway, its hard to these bastards as thus far only in one of those Cold Storage shop hav em. At RM11.90 a pop. better work or im screwed by another bitch product with bitching brand promotions..

Get this, its a massive 500ml drink in a can n its taller than most can drink out there. Taste is pretty mild n smooth. Easier to take it in the morning unlike any Livita range n even Red Bull (the gold/silver ones). Similiar to Drive M7.

Result ?

Consumed at 8am. Drive steadily within speed limit 110 to 130ish all the way, lunch at 3pm, n drove back home around 4ish, also at speed limit, arrived home and layan tv as if i just went for a trip to subang jaya and back... No sleepiness, no balik-terbongkang-tdo/recovery kinda thing.. And tje energy surge it lasted till 11pm +/-..

Its so awesome and impress me so much that that tin made it to my rack-of-fames together with my lifetime collections of diecast.

No wonder Chigga had a hard time sleeping as taking the Monster after 6pm. Lol.

Monster Energy Drink, worth every RM invested and definitely (read:literally) not for the faint hearted ones.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Just nak share..

"Taknak tolong, takpe. JANGAN tambahkan problem- Ayz ARD"


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Contrary to popular believe, guys do shop...

Window shop... :p

Bukan ape, senang nk grab2 je bile bersen nnti.

Also, utk cari ideas ngn kaler2 fulness ny which also comes in all sorts of size and age...

Bright colours seems to be timeless nowdays.

Cool coz normal suxxxx~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Salam n greetings..

yup...much neglected n forgotten-ed canvas.

So many shyte just happened n kinda lost track a bit.

some ups n some downs...

some tersungkur langsung.

well, shyte happens.. more often than i want it too.

2009 theres Byatch, Toycar n Pucca..

2011 Bbye Byatch, Toycar n Pucca, Hello Plumpy, Custard and Tamtam.

i'll say hello... once in a while..

if i dont.. lets just say its another sabbatical..lah~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

towards the year end..


here i go again... kunun nak update slalu n bla2... end up.. wow so little time i had left after wat i can describe as a rollercoaster ride of my life...

wats there to remind me of this year ? well, few memorable ones la...some are nice some are.. aihxx... some woo hoo~ but i think wat i remember most is the biggest gamble ive made ever in my life....

from having a stable position, quitting and join a totally new exprience that is GEMS... there ive learnt to be more of a thinker rather than just burst in flames like ive used too. made even more friends/ networkings.. overall im totally happy to make the decision to stay rather than left the programme early. sure i missed out on salary thingy n shyte like dat. but the 3 months ive spent in Genting really opens my eyes on things happening around me.

than theres the Proton exprience working there too... its an awesome place to learn new stuffs. but working there might have me rethinking wat i used to think about working at GLCs.

than Byatch's unexpected revival. sure ive planned for her turning up in an evening gown for a change but wat came out...hehhe...totally better than ive expected.. for only 8 days until the engine blew up...not spectacularly but 3/4 of it blew off... aihxxx..

wat happen next is also unexpected too...instead of getting new parts that may cost me a bomb...3/4 blew up, remember ? i found a nice race engine for a bargain... and.. cost me a month and some $$$ to figure out the best setting for the weird lil engine... not only it is red, not it grunts instead of u can heard it a mile away.. i luv it, juz my friends dont... :D

seems like everything just dont go as planned, but somehow it worked somehow... thus the more i came to worry deeply on sumthing, the sun just brights up a new hope...

dear god,

im thankful for being able to live till today despite the near miss along the way. some even i dunt think i can make it but sumhow u help me pull thru it all. i'll try my best to be a good muslim, a good son, a good brother, a good friend and a good human being from now on. thats my aim for 2010.


see you in 2010~