Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monster-ized Panda~


Last Monday, one of the most crazy thing kinda happened.

Gara2 i kinda need to travel some 720++ odd kilometers to Johore for work purposes.

Nuthing unusual as ive been thru this journey by car numerous times alone anyway.

Along the way, normally a can of watever energy drink and a shell 750ml mineral will be consumed per single trip. This is to Battle those dreaded fatigues n boredomness. Plus whenever i found them, those Wriggles Chewies too. And some *ehem  (read:crazy) speeds to get myself alert.

Yup i agree its dangerous to other users as well but... Getting sleepy doing normal speed in the morning is dangerous as well..

Until, i discover Monster Energy Drink...

The monster brand drinks have been quite world famous especially when they actively promote extreme games. Does a certain Ken Block Gymkhanas infomercial rings a bell ?

Anyway, its hard to these bastards as thus far only in one of those Cold Storage shop hav em. At RM11.90 a pop. better work or im screwed by another bitch product with bitching brand promotions..

Get this, its a massive 500ml drink in a can n its taller than most can drink out there. Taste is pretty mild n smooth. Easier to take it in the morning unlike any Livita range n even Red Bull (the gold/silver ones). Similiar to Drive M7.

Result ?

Consumed at 8am. Drive steadily within speed limit 110 to 130ish all the way, lunch at 3pm, n drove back home around 4ish, also at speed limit, arrived home and layan tv as if i just went for a trip to subang jaya and back... No sleepiness, no balik-terbongkang-tdo/recovery kinda thing.. And tje energy surge it lasted till 11pm +/-..

Its so awesome and impress me so much that that tin made it to my rack-of-fames together with my lifetime collections of diecast.

No wonder Chigga had a hard time sleeping as taking the Monster after 6pm. Lol.

Monster Energy Drink, worth every RM invested and definitely (read:literally) not for the faint hearted ones.